Main Attraction

Taipei 101

A 101-floor skyscraper, Taipei 101 is located in Taipei, Taiwan. Taipei 101 is the must see and most visited attraction in the world today. Taipei 101 is at present the tallest building in the world.It is an acronym for Technology, Art, Innovation, People, Environment, and Identity. The pagoda building is a model of strength, resilience, and elegance. From its observation tower, you can get a spectacular view.

Yangmingshan National Park

Yangmingshan National Park is a large, colorful garden full of mountain flowers and shaded by many trees. It is also a romantic spot to enjoy the sunset.A large variety of flora and fauna can bee seen. The National Park is famous for its cherry blossoms, hot springs, sulfur deposits, venomous snakes and hiking trails. Yangmingshan was originally called Grass Mountain because the main mountains of this region are grassy.

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